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Saltcity Is a joyous community of Word Livers.

We are committed to the studying, teaching and application of God’s Word in all of life. We believe in the divine inspiration and the absolute authority of the Christian Bible. We believe the Bible is inerrant (incapable of error) in it’s content and altogether sufficient for faith (belief) and practice (behavior).

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Week in, week out, we are totally sold out to seeking the face of God for his seasonal counsel for his church to equip you. We hope that these sermons help you grow.

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Here you can find clarity for important subjects about your faith, personal questions, encouragements and instructions. We hope these articles help you grow.

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We understand how it is, sometimes, life can be overwhelming and without hope. In SaltCity, we have seen prayer change impossible situations, so whatever you are going through currently, we would love to pray with you now.

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Find us at 90 Airport Road, Warri -Nigeria .You cannot be in Warri and everyday remains the same.


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