Factory fitted Ep1


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Factory fitted

How to find and fulfill God's purpose for your life.

The subject of purpose is one that cannot be overflogged .The fact that you were not able to stand at all shows that you do not have a sure foundation on the subject.

Christianity is about getting a grip and a solid standing on the basic subject of life . A lot of us are seeking complex knowledge, trying to go into deeper things .

The apostle Paul never called us unto deeper truth. One of the main reason why we don't know how to do Christianity right is because we were not really trained in basic things.

Philipains 3:1 Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord. To write the same things to you, to me indeed is not grievous, but for you it is safe

Growth is an illusion . People think that when you grow you leave the small stuff and focus on the big stuff. The bible says the same truth that got you saved is the same truth that you will keep you.

So how do you grow ? You grow by repetition .

Any crisis a Christian would run into he needs three things to come out of it .

1. A basic prayer life
2.A daily bible study life
3. Work of love

People who look for deeper things are looking for deeper trouble and they end up entering erroneous truth .

You will die unfulfilled until you find your purpose , no matter how much money you end up earning . The true meaning of life is in the fulfiment purpose.

Your work on earth is to fulfil purpose, what you are going to present on judgement day is what you did on earth .

Take a look at the parable of talent,when the good man was going away and he gave his servant certain things and duties to do . He came back not to question them on whether they were expecting him but on what they feed. That is likened unto judgement day question .

The question of purpose is a big question when it comes to your eternity .Why are you here ? You are here to do what God has called you to do .

If you say you are a Christian and you've not been doing what God asked you to do then you are wasting time .

In our world today, there are lots of serminas that talks on purpose . in those meetings the answer to purpose falls on :

*The things you can do easily
*The way you are have something to do with what you are
*What makes you angry , if the thing that makes you angry does not make other people angry then that's your call to fix that thing that makes you angry
*When you find something you are passionate about that's a pointer to your purpose

I said to myself ,traffic makes me angry but I know I wasnt born to be a traffic warden .Over a season the things that makes you angry changes , does that mean your purpose would change.

Saying that all of this defines your purpose is stretching one end of the truth too far .

what makes you angry , what you are passionate about are part of your purpose but they are not a replacement of it.

Ignoring the way you are wired or passionate about is erroneous but do not established the fact that is the reason God gave you life .

The subject of purpose is one of the ways the devil got into the church , it brought in motivational speakers. The devil was trying to use brass to replace gold . They came with high sounding words , the mistake they did was teaching people on how to find their purpose.

Man does not have purpose , God has a purpose for man's life .

What is purpose?

Purpose is from the Greek word prothesis
Its a force that is certain, an original intention . it means a proposer that always have a final destination in mind.

God has an expected end for your life . Your life is not for your creation but for your discovery . this are the fancy things the motivational speakers have brought to you they ask " how do you want to live your life " .

Never make the mistake that you have to create your purpose .Thinking that what you like and passionate about is why God gave you life is you taking power into your hands.

No man can determine your purpose , trends do not determine your purpose , instagram likes do not determine your purpose.

You cannot do anything to create your purpose , you can't alter it . Its either you fulfill it or not . your purpose is not designed by works but of him that calleth .

Your purpose is eternal : eternal means a dateless past and a dateless future .if you haven't found your purpose then its in your future , stay in Christ and you won't miss it .

Your purpose is in Christ : its useless teaching purpose to those who are not born again .It is for people who are born again . your purpose is in Christ , its location is in Christ .

Nothing in this world can define or alter your purpose . It was already established in Christ before the world began . your purpose predates your life , its the reason God created you .He is not going to give you a purpose , its established, laid concrete in Christ.

2tim 1:10
But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel:

Jesus manifested God's plan for our life . He is God's purpose manifested . Christ had all our purpose in him before the world began . Jesus is Gods intention for your life.

Your first purpose in life is Jesus .

Jesus is my purpose .

Talent and giftings has a place , but can only be maxizimed in Christ .

Note: God did not give talent and giftings to only born again Christians .God gave it to everyone. Exceptionality is a gift but that does not mean fulfilling purpose .

What is God's purpose for man ? 

How can you fulfil purpose?

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