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Admin • Saturday 27th July 2019


How to utilize your talent and gifting 

Scripture reference:John 8:2 

You will need to do the things you do not like to be able to do the things you love .If you do not do the things you need to do you won't be able to do the things you love to do .If you only do what comes to you easily your life will be hard . Your career is something that you deploy in your purpose , it's not a representation of your purpose.

The devil has nothing in him that he can give . The acquisition of material things does not mean a person has fulfilled their purpose in life .Talent and natural giftings were given to us so we can acquire material things . 

(Mark 8:36 )Never prioritise your acquisition of material things over your soul . Once a person is created by God there's an expression of creativity. At natural birth you get a form of creativity, at spiritual birth what you get is a spiritual gift. Believers are supposed to operate beyond but inclusive of the natural gift . you are supposed to operate in your natural gift and more fulfilling in your spiritual gift . This is part that separates you from the natural man .The edge you have over him is the operation of the gift of the spirit in your life . 

The Giver of gift who is God is not in control of the gift he gives you but he has an intended purposes for it . A gift is not a control mechanism, God did not give anybody one gift , natural or spiritual .

Never narrow down that your talent is the one thing you must do to make it in life .Talent is for industry , gift of the spirit is for ministry . What are the gift of the spirit ?Its the expression of the holy spirit within us . it's how the holy spirit expresses himself through us in diverse ways .Your spiritual gift is a pointer to your calling.

Romans 11:29 

God will not change his mind about what he has called you to do . whether you are born again or not there's a call of God on your life . If God gifts you then its for a lifetime . You have a combination of gift , you have diverse power levels , you have a combination of ministry gifts . Spiritual gift is not the same as fruit of the spirit . 

What sustains a natural gift and a spiritual gift is the fruit of the spirit. One must be careful because a  bad character can destroy every gift possible. Every gift must be subjected to training .A believer who neglects his natural gift will not be able to fulfill his spiritual gift .Not to use your gift is an abuse of the gift . A slightly gifted person who subjects himself to training and has the fruit of the spirit is better than a gifted person that hasn't undergo any form of training . 

The fulfilled chrustain life is the one that fulfills his call and that's in the right deployment of the spiritual gift and the mastery of his natural gift . 
(Acts 13:36)

Your gift and talent is to serve your generation . your gift get enhanced when you use it for ministry.

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