Faith that receives from God


Admin • Tuesday 20th August 2019


Text:James 1:6

There's a kind of faith that receives from God .

How to receive from God

1. Believe : prayer begins with desire which means hope . The biggest determinant if there would be miracles in your life is your determination and your your desire .(  mark11:24)your unbelieve can stop things from working for you . The right attitude to have when receiving Gods word is hope,be expectant. Some people hope for others to be blessed so they can be beneficiaries of their blessing . God wants to bless you , wants you to be hopeful so you can receive from him . Always know what you are expecting from God , write it down and also Gods promise concerning that issue. 1thess 5:3 you can never separate faith from love 

2. Believe in the one he has sent : Do not receive anyone that comes up for ministration as a mere person but see that person as an oracle from God . (1thess2:17 -18,romans 1:9)As long as ministry is concerned there are certain things you cannot break into on your own .You need to be  aware when a prophecy is being released.  Your blessing can be in the examples , but you need to be aware . know when your prophetic word is coming and know when you receive it and don't keep shut about it . speak the word as it comes to you . you must put yourself in the place of reception .Give attendance to reading , read scriptures to prepare your heart . The reason the word is being preached is so that it will profit you and others . meditate on the  word of God , confess it over and over and you will become what you say .( Heb 2:1,mark16:20 )

The man is God's channel to give you the word . honor the man but know to receive the word. If you have no word the lord cannot confirm anything in your life . it is the word that you recieve that you are going to hatch out of your life. God works with his word and confirm with his word this is why you must be available for the word . (Romans10:12-13, acts10 )

3.The engine on which faith works :  Gal 5:6 

Faith is driven by love , you can only receive from God through love because he gave by love . The currency God gave to you is love and that is the same currency you will use to receive . There are many people who pray right but they are evil at heart and that is the reason they are not receiving. 1cor13:13 . love is the foundation of faith . you must learn to forgive people. If you are not working in love your faith will not work . col1:4 without love you are not a believer . love is the badge of a believer . (1john3:10 ,1john4:20,1john3:23.) Love is the only thing that drives the car of faith. forgiveness is an instantaneous thing, you don't forgive because they apologized but forgive because God commanded. 

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