Go forward


Admin • Thursday 19th September 2019


Pastor Orhornor Abeke 

Exodus 14:10-15

Hearing the children of Israel complain you know they have identified with death. There are some people who have identified with death, they live with fear. Such people create things in their mind, they have phobias. The story of the children of israel is not different from some people's stories. Some people are at the red sea, they feel there's no way forward but God says to you today Go forward. He can sort anything out. 


If you are where God never judges yourself by what the world says or does. God has told you to go forward, its a command and you have to obey. Some people are stuck in life, in the mud, in the job they don't like, in sin but God has released you so go forward 

Philippians 3:13-14

What are those things you are stuck in? It is time to leave it behind , it's time to forget the depression, the hate , the bitterness, make that choice and leave then behind . 

Some people are keeping things in their heart against other people, some are angry with their parents, they've been abused in the past but let it go. its time to let go of that past and press towards Christ . its time to be determined 

Go forward is a command, you either move forward and succeed . your success is in your obedience. He who has said go has given you a place to go but if you will go forward is in your obedience. If you obey God you will see victory. 

Some people have been pursued to a point of no return. God forward is to proceed to where we are determined or born. The God who says Go forward is able to provide, protect, he makes a way when there seems to be no way. 

The red sea was an obstacle for the children of Israel but when they went forward he pulled down the obstacle. 

(Zac 4:7-9, 2sam21:18-22 )

Your going forward is something that will activate strength for the future. you will be able to fight the battle in the future. there's nothing left for us to do than to go forward. 

(Deu1:6-8 deu2:24-25) 

If you are not strong nobody will give you anything. You should be able to protect what you have been given .

When you come into a place of power you will go forward.Its time to take your journey in the battle!!!