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The way men are saved is when witnesses preach the Gospel by the help of The Holy Ghost. God has no proof except a beliver who has the Holy Ghost inside of him preach the Gospel. This is why the bible says Christ in you is the hope of glory. The only way that Christ is now in operation is through you, he is not going to come back in flesh.if you do not allow Christ to live in you,there's no hope for the world.

Your disobedience of not allowing Christ to be alive and at work through you actually  spreads darkness on the earth. When Sin is so rampant in certain places its because there are some believers who have not allowed Christ to work within and through them. The way men get saved is when witnesses preach the gospel 

In Rom1:16, Pauls says; That he is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ..

The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation.We are going to share few things concerning the preaching of the Gospel;

Preaching of the Gospel is not a choice, it is a command. It is an instruction, it is not a suggestion.  Mattew 28: 19 makes us know that God has commanded us to preach the gospel, we can't change it,We can only obey or disobey. 

The bible is clear on what we should preach and what we preach is Jesus. (Luke24:46) . witnessing is for everyone that has recieved the Spirit, it is not for Pastors alone. A witness is a person who has received the Spirit, it is not a person occupying  a leadership position in church. You are a witness as a believer and you  preach the gospel to reconcile the world to Christ . (2cor5:18)

In John 20:22-23; scripture  says, and when He said this, he breathed on them and said unto them, recieve ye The Holy Ghost. As my Father hath sent me so send I you.

The Holy Ghost is the real witness. However skilful or intelligent one is, he cannot witness without the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is the one that resurrected Christ so He gives you a first-hand account, we witness with the help of the holy ghost because we cannot witness on our own. 

The highest act of kindness is to lead men to Christ. Those people you like or care about, preach Christ to them.You don't really like a person if you have not preached Jesus to them. 

There is no time-frame when we witness; as long as The Holy Ghost is in us forever, therefore we are witnesses for Christ forever.

You shouldn't also be discouraged when you preach and the souls don't accept the life of Christ instantly. We sew seeds,  the bible says, Paul sowed and Apollo watered and God increaseth ,  So the preaching is continuous, just sew a seed. When people do not accept you then you go away , its a 50/50 chance . Jesus did not force anyone into salvation. 

God is not going to preach the Gospel.  He is counting on you to preach Him to people. So what that means is that we all are called to ministry; we have a calling of God on our lives and  it is the church that  'fits' people for ministry.

2 Timothy 3:16 says, all Scripture is given by the inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

Everything here excerpt Doctrine is for correction . God's word adjusts us/ fits us for ministry. So when we listen to God's Word in church, we are corrected,  reproved  and instructed in righteousness and  balanced in doctrine.

God's Word is for 75% adjustment in our lives, so if we hear the Word of God in a place  and we are not being prompted to make some adjustments in our  lives,it means we are not receiving the Gospel. Docrine means; system of truth for practice, not for knowledge.The church is to correct you, instruct you and to perfect you all in all.

So when you come to church, beyond getting your needs met; you come knowing you are getting yourself to be trained. Therefore a church is a family school. The church is a family that loves you with a goal of training  you in mind. If your family does not train you, they have failed. That is why we have lots of failed parenting in society. The way to avail yourself of the training however  is by first simply showing up for class (services). In a local church, the job of the pastor is to furnish you for ministry. In church training, like formal schooling, we are not usually thought only the things we like,  in church we are not thought only what we like. Many Christians do not avail themselves for training, you need to start availing yourself for training so you can do the work God has called you to do . 

How do we avail ourselves for training as Christians?

1. Show up for services:. Selecting the services you attend is you instructing God of how and when he should speak to you. You can't also choose through whom God will bless you,do not idolise anyone. Missing any church services means you are missing on your training. Everytime you miss church, you've just missed a class. Jeb 12:25 

 2. Come with a ready mind and a present heart, participate: Drop your business when you come to church; let Jesus be your gaze. A lack of participation is an evidence of an unready mind. Some of us only take the message seriously, that is a sign of you not participating.  Worship and prayer to some person's is a waste of time. In worship you are opened up to recieve. When you don't worship, when your word comes, you might not even recieve it because you have not opened up your spirit.

3. Have a study life :  You must also  have a study life.Repetition is the process of establishment. We come into safety by repetition and there's no room for repetitive learning if you do not have a study life. This is why you must have a study note to write down what is being thought,having a note is a sign of growth. 

We are not practicing a convenient gospel. Witnessing is an urgent matter! Never forget it. 

1 Cor 3:19 for though I preach the Gospel, I have nothing to glory of, for necessity is laid upon me, yea, woe unto me if I preach not the Gospel. 

Go out and  preach the Gospel everywhere.

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