How to receive the word of God


Admin • Tuesday 13th August 2019


God desires that you prosper, he wants you healthy but you are the one who controls he's ability in your life . let's see eph 3:20 God can do exceedingly, abundantly all things in your life but it is according to the power that's at work in you. God wants you to receive but are you positioned to receive? 

God does miracles mostly by spoken words . in Genesis we see how he created the world by his words. Your words are important , it determines if you will receive miracles or not .Romans10:6 

The first place you say and speak the word of God is your heart and then your mouth . if you don't speak the word of God you are taking yourself out of the people that will receive from God. 

Before you start speaking the word you need to know how to receive the word . until you know how to receive God's word you won't know how to speak the word . 

How to receive the word of God (1thess2:13)

The first way to receive the word of God is to receive as though God is speaking to you directly . many do not receive the word because of skepticism. Don't be in a church where you don't trust the pastor , once you start judging everything you won't be able to receive the word anymore . 

The word of God is only powerful to those people who receives it right . it only works wonders in the life of those who receives it right . You have to be in the right attitude to receive Gods word. Joy is the only attitude to receiving the word of God. Anything God tells you is the best , the fact that he is speaking its a timeline for your life . 

This is why you have to respond, speak the word when it comes . Rejoice when you received the word . (1thess 1:6) irrespective of what you are going through receive the word with joy . 

Psalm 119:162 , col3:16 

Your prayer can never happen without the word of God . prayer is not an announcement of your need but a confession of Gods provision about your need.prayer is a fertilizer to the seed and the seed is the word of God. 

Do not expect to receive when you have not planted the seed. Everything you need there is a provision made for it but all you need to do is plant the seed. If you are not reaping miracles there are chances that you have no word planted anywhere. 

Pray right , confess the word of God . 

Once you mediatate on Gods word day and night you birth miracles  

It is impossible to have a miracle without planting Gods word , Isaiah 66:7 -9. There are people who have picked things in the spirit but they haven't birthed it out . it is then your duty to take Gods word back to him . 

Esther8:15 you need to come into a place where you are joyous . you are expecting to receive from God , you must learn to praise him and you will draw joyously , John16:24. 

Rejoice in the lord , rejoice always 

Faith that receives pt2 is available for download on the sermon page 

Salt city living the word .