Joy that receives


Admin • Thursday 29th August 2019


I previously talked about 'Faith that Receives but today we will be looking at "Joy that Receives" For us to go forward, we must get certain things right.

text: Exodus 14: 3-15 

Praying right

Many of us are in that place where we think we are praying but truly we are speaking to our enemies. Have you been praying to God or complaining about man's action in the presence of God?  In prayer,  God hears the intent of our hearts as well as He hears what we say. Some of us pray but our hearts are full of doubts. God also listens to those times you sigh, He sees those tears and those sleepless nights those are proof of your doubt. A lot of us Christians are just lazy, we rather cry than obey what the Word says. Most times what we need is just obedience. 

Your work with God must not be patterned after any man. Some people have lost their zeal for God because of man. Your prayer life should not depend on another man's prayer life.  Looking up to men has bought so many into depression, they have become sorrowful because of disappointment. Your prayer walk with God should be personal. 

Receive in joy

To receive from God, you must be free from sorrow. A sorrowful man is lazy because sorrow is naturally lazy. No sorrowful person advances in life. Anytime you let depression come into your life, you just told yourself you are not going to make progress. Have you seen a depressed person walking fast? Irrespective of how much you believe in God, if you allow depression into your space, then you can't move forward. A depressed person is not available to succeed in life. Never make a boost with depression because anytime you do that,  you say to yourself you won't move forward. Never describe that as your state. A depressed person never tries anything.

Such a person is always in fear because depression always produces fear, there's no place where depression is that fear is not. A depressed person takes no action because of fear. A man that is living in fear can never have a resolve, he never goes through with his decisions. He is always second-guessing himself. Fear breeds doubt and a man with doubt cannot receive from God. James 1:7

Joy in waiting

If it's not bigger than you then you don't need God.  Sometimes we just want to read God like a scroll. We want all the answers in one day. God will not give you all the answers in one day. What He wants is your obedience. Your trails and tribulation is part of God's Map for your life. When you think that trials and tribulation is proof that you are outside God's will then you forgot that Jesus promised you trails. (John 16:33, Romans 5:3, James 1:2, Romans 12:12.) It's all part of the plan. The red sea was part of God's road map to the promised land too. 

You see why you have to get rid of depression. When depression sets in, the devil would have one billion reasons to give you on why you should fail but you must not buy into that deceit. Depression is a Christians expression of atheism. it is imagining a future without God in it. You are an atheist when all you do is just worry. God will not give you a thing He knows you cannot handle so stop selecting your victory. if He tells you to go forward then He has given you the ability to do so.

Why you must obey the command to go forward 

Going forward is about making progress. God wants you to prosper. A person who claims to be spiritual and he is continually poor is not spiritual,  he is purely religious. He is not in obedience to God's Word because if you continually obey God,  you always break into social influence. Joshua 1:8

Going forward does not only mean an increase in material resources, but it also means Spiritual advancement. You would break into Spiritual gifts. Christianity is about you being able to pick things in the Spirit. 

Why many might not go forward 

One of the reasons why most people don't go forward is because of other people's success. They get so consumed in others' successes that they don't pray genuinely.

Some are praying for just helpers, they forget that what you were given can be taken from you but who you become in participating in the birthing of your breakthrough cannot be taken from you. Let God choose how to prosper you. Don't have a give-me mentality. God does not listen to emotional cries, He listens to faith. Some persons only pray because prayer is what a Christian does and not because they are praying in faith.

You can fast and pray and not do it unto God but as pure religion. Some call the name of the Lord out of fear, not truly believing in their heart but just as an expression of their fears. They use the name of the Lord as a relief from their fear and not truly believe in the power it carries. The spirit of fear can never energize the name of Jesus, your faith in the name does. This is why many have not been able to go forward.

Consider your intention

In Isaiah 39:13 we can see that God rejects certain prayers. What is the intent of your prayer? if you want to receive so that you will be better than someone else, then God will never answer your prayer. Don't ever pray to receive anything to be better than anyone. Some persons want to be like their mates, you have no mate in God's plan. God would not also destroy another child of His because of your selfish desire. Even though he is not saved, God's wish is that he is saved.

So we bask in glory this season not so we can be better than anyone, but to get what is ours. Be joyous at all times, it is the only way you can receive from God.

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