Miracles or magic


Admin • Sunday 14th July 2019


How does God operate is it through miracle or magic?

Practical steps to integrate the office of holy ghost into the work of our hands.

There are certain practices Christians have built fetishes out of. You see a woman who goes to her shop in the morning and starts praying.Most of the time she prays out of pure religion. It's what she is supposed to do when she comes in the morning. She has prayed now but she is shut out of the operation of the spirit.

What she is doing is basically religion, when the Holy ghost gives her instruction she refuses on obeying. She feels once she has prayed then boom miracle should just happen. This set of thinking has built an alternate reality of the word of God.

Christianity is not magic, the idea that we think miracles are magic is a problem.
it is important we make the holy ghost a real part of our Lives instead of confirming the holy ghost to a feeling. Most times the holy ghost would not tell you something just for feeling alone, the holy ghost is not meant for goosebumps. Over 90% when the holy ghost will lead you, you will not feel anything.

Do you go to church to be moved or catch a feeling before you praise God, be blessed or to know God is there? God does not need your feelings to be moved, He has already moved.

 Write your vision
June is the month of productivity teaching. In order to be productive, you need to write your vision and make it plain. In your career write a vision, your health, your family you must know what a win means for you.

Your team members need to understand what a win means for you to be able to drive your vision. They need to run with the vision, if they are not running then they don't know the vision. What your team does and how they do it explains if they understand the vision, if they are not running they do not get it.

Recite your vision
Recite your winning experiences to yourself. write it out
What has happened in your life since you started experiencing your win? Describe your life if that win has happened? It becomes the declaration of your hope.

That is a clear expression of how you feel being in the thing that you believe God for. The key challenge to Christianity is disobedience.it has nothing to do with God. 

Learn to write your petition unto God and pray with it. It is not a petition if it is not written. Describe the physical appearance of your office, marriage, business and keep saying it to yourself, if you keep telling it to yourself you will get it.

Most people only pray for God to bless them without them writing down their vision, it doesn't work that way. You can never cast your responsibility on God, you can only cast your care on him. It's your responsibility to change your nation, life and not God. God would give you the wisdom to drive a change.

Meditate on the word.
You must declare your winning experience for this is the real art of meditation. The bible is not written for you to read in silence but to read out loud. You must create a space for yourself where you are not distracted.

You can't be meditating or praying to God and your mind is thinking of worldly things and the last movie you watched. you need to be focused on God.

Meditation is giving voice to the word while you experience that word in your spirit. if the experience is not birthed in your spirit it can't be experienced in your life.

Streamline your activities that would ensure that every step you take will add to your win. There are certain steps we ought not to take. Ask yourself, this thing I'm going for does it add to my health, my career or family, if you don't do it frustration is natural.

Some would say have heard it before but are you doing it? The real question is not if you know new things. Spiritual maturity is gaining an understanding of the same thing, not gaining the maturity of different things. The word needs to be on your lips every day. 

Have you entered into time management?
Are you growing?
Luke 2:52 And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man

Jesus grew in three things before he was 12. This is the three things every child should grow before the age of 12. They should have been developed in


is the ability to make decisions based on the truth of the scripture. most people are unable to make certain decisions for themselves because they do not have wisdom but its not too late to learn. As a parent, take the child through how they would make decisions based on the word of God. Let them know what God is saying concerning that issue. If they were to make a certain decision they would know what to do.

Means putting God first in all things. Teach your child to believe in God and put him first. if that child knows that God comes first whatever thing he wants to do he would know where to run to first. This is you training up a child in the way he should grow and when he is old he would not depart from it.

Teach your child skills that he would have favor with men. They should be able to communicate with people. There are different people in the world, your child should be able to negotiate with people. Teach them survival skill.

You can almost teach a child nothing when he's 12. So as a parent ensure you teach the child the right ways before he gets to that age.

Stature is health.

Evaluate what you do
If a company can do without you then let them do. You need to come into responsibility. Know your job, the importance in the grand scheme of the win of the company. You need to enter into the responsibility to know your job.

 write down your job and develop your skills without comparison.

Note all our jobs has the LCM of managing people and people don't come the way you like . people management/ communication skill should also be learned. Most believers who are unemployed are unemployed because they lack certain skill society needs.

Jobs are for people that match the skill, it's not for empathy and feelings. The key to prosperity is rare skill acquisition, know how to do what is difficult but is essential to people. This is how miracles work not magic.  

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