Operating in the spirit of faith


Admin • Thursday 19th September 2019


Pastor Tobore Adakaraza 

(Mark11:13-23. 2cor4:13)

The anionting doesn't grow, it is the anionted that grows in the use of the anionting. There is a believer who grows in the knowledge sensitivity, and working of the spirit. You have to stop living in the safe zone and start living in the faith zone.


As a believer you should speak .You have to operate in the spirit of faith .You are a spirit , you are not a physical body that is trying to have a spiritual experience . You are a spiritual being expressing himself in the physical. You are not a mere man . if you don't understand that you are a spirit then you can't understand faith because  faith is a spiritual thing .its not something that happens in your head but in your heart . 

(Heb1:3, romans 8:29 , gen 1:26, Col1:15 )

When God said let us make man in our own image, it means let us make man that will be Christ and Christ is the spirit of the person .Christianity is done in spiritual realities and this is what we need to come in full reality of. Spirit express themselves by speaking. 

God demonstrated this to us in Genesis,he spoke the world into existence. (Heb11:3  ) Now that you know this, are you expressing yourself in the way God has shown you?

2cor4:13 The spirit of faith is the spirit of God. Spirit are known by what they say and not how they manifest themselves. If you want to know what a spirit listen to what they are saying . 

1john 4:1-3

What we should spend our lives doing is to know our God and this can be done by listening to what it is saying. Your job is not to know the enemies voice but to spot your father's voice.  We have lots of people who know the voice of errors but they don't know the truth. 

What you need to know well is the Holy Spirit and not the botanical name of all evil spirits. Daniel says they know their God this is what we should spend our lives doing and the way to know if it is God is by listening to what it is saying. 

Let's see verse 2 of 1john 4

Today people have a lot of projection on who the anti Christ is, one time people said it was barrack Obama, then Donald Trump, they even said it was prince Williams but at the time this scripture was written Kenya was not formed neither was Williams born but the apostle said the anti Christ is already come. The anti-Christ is not a person we are waiting for it is a spirit that fights against Christ and what it stands for it will not come from the world but operate from the church.

1tim4:1 -2

The anti Christ is a seducing spirit and it promotes doctrines . The devil turns himself into an Angel of light and decieving the world .This is why the fight is not between what is right and bad but between what is right and what is nearly right. The seducing spirit is an impostor posing to be right .He uses words to mislead believers to himself . The spirit of the anti Christ is an imposter, a misleader.  

We all speak to ourselves whatever we are thinking in our heart we are saying to ourselves. You can be saying the right thing but your heart might not believe. Without your heart believing you can never get to the confession of the mouth. Now ask yourself are you operating in the spirit of faith ? 

Some people think their faith does not work that's why they need someone to pray for them . As long as you are born again your faith has already worked and it has done the biggest thing that has happened to mankind. So say to yourself that your faith works. The prove of faith happened at salvation .Whatever your faith works on its irreversible. Some people will say but I don't have that kind of faith.

Romans 12:3 makes us understand that we all have the same faith .its not a question of if you have faith but how much knowledge of the faith you have received.Faith is a law and laws are binding. 

You must know that God is not interested in your faith, He never expected you to use your faith. Gal2:20 Paul said he is operating in the same faith as Jesus. You must understand that we all have the same quantity and quality of faith as Jesus . many do not understand this that is why they are not going forward, they feel they are not qualified . 

You are already born again , you already have the faith there is , you have to live by faith. 

Faith is a guarantee , it begins with knowledge . its not something we try . never let the devil suggest to you that your faith does not work . faith has already worked for you . you've already used faith to get born again , your faith works . 

1peter 1:8 -9 

The biggest work your faith would do is the salvation of your soul. How come you believe that you are saved and you dont believe that you are healed. Some people are so afraid .fear does not produce progress . it is incapable of producing result. 

Faith is a gift of the spirit, it is permanent for the born again . No on has shortage of faith . if God can save your soul for condemnation then he can provide everything , nothing is too small or big for him. The moment faith comes into the scene power comes in to energize you.


You know a man is in faith if he's action corresponds with his words . do your action corresponds with your words? Faith is never deficient,  only one thing that is deficient and that is you not having the knowledge of God's will. Do you know that God never takes his people backward . its OK to be small in a season but a certain time comes  when it is criminal to be small. The danger of remaining small when you are supposed to be big is that you will be wiped out, you have to think big.

Ezekiel 1:12 

Being small now is not modesty , its stupidity. Nature abhors vacuum . if you hesistate on not going forward someone else will come and wipe you off. There's a season where you move your business forward. Its time for you to take on the city, to take that bigger place. If you don't come out of the boat you can't walk out of water. 

Some think they are cursed , people draw them a pattern and they begin to see the pattern. You become cursed when you find the pattern and believe it. It was not them that cursed you , it was you who said and believed that you are cursed. 

If anyone tells you they are stealing destiny tell them your's is in God's hand ,  let them open His hands and steal yours. Your destiny can't be stolen ,it's been encrypted in God's palm. The demons know where they play around and where your future is sealed they can't go there.

Say to yourself 

I am blessed 

I am not under any curse 

I am the prove of the blessing