Admin • Tuesday 14th May 2019


I know most times when you hear a Pastor teach on faith and tell you to uphold the scriptures when you are going through challenges, you know for a fact that this pastor is either not telling the complete truth or he has not seen half of what you are going through. He doesn't the half right?

How you respond to life's ups and downs, what you say when things do not go as you expect them to, how you respond to lack, sickness, death, heartbreak, rejections, hurt is what determines whether or not, you would receive a supernatural manifestation. Your emotions are trying so hard to dictate how you respond but understand that once you give in to your emotions, you have given up your right to your manifestation. Faith requires you respond according to only the bible.

"But it hurts bad, it feels like my heart is going to explode", You would say. The bible speaks of the Shunammite woman was not moved by her situation, her son died (2 Kings 4:8-22). This is a grave thing to happen to a woman who was without child for many years in marriage, she finally got only one in her husband's age and he dies. Like you she was terrified. In fact, describing how she was feeling, Elisha said "for her soul is vexed within her" (2Kings 4:27c). Speaking of emotions, she had many: disappointment, hurt, pain, fear, anger, sorrow, frustration to name a few. However, she did not let those emotions determine her response, instead, her response was “It will be all right” (2 Kings 4:23, AMP).

When she came to Elisha, she insisted all was well Elisha returned with the woman, went in to the boy, prayed, and the child was revived (2 Kings 4:24-37).

Today, be bold enough to rebel against your feelings, yes, things are happening all around you, but take scriptures that contradict your feelings today and rebel against the environment.

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