Season of forwardness


Admin • Thursday 19th September 2019


Pastor Tobore Adakaraza

Forward is not going to fall on you. you can't wish yourself into the future. Some people have been dreaming for too long, some are knowledgeable but have not engaged . You going forward is a combination of four things: 

1. Timing 

2. Courage 

3. Initiative 

4. Association 

There's a season in your life you can be small , small is characterized with beginnings. This is why you should never be ashamed to be small because beginnings are small. Job8:7

Some people are too ashamed to post the state of their business and this keeps them in smallness. They have not taken ownership of where they are. Take ownership of where you are and the world take ownership as they see you grow.  

Some are too ashamed of where they are coming from, some are ashamed of their parents , you didn't choose them , take ownership .If you can't take ownership of where you are , you can't enter into where you are supposed to be  because you are in denial. 

Being small is not a mark of failure , its a mark of authenticity. There's a time it becomes offensive to be small.   If you have passed through a process and the product of the process is not seen you starts smelling.  There's something as smelling in the spirit , you go somewhere and they just don't like you , why ?you have missed your timing . some have been trained but their training has no result, then smallness is a sin . you have been trained but where us the fruit of your training?

Heb 6:7-8 says a ground that has been  watered and does not produce fruits it should be cut off. 

Some refuse process, Without process there is no fruit . Go through the process so you can have the product. 

It's not time to be looking for applause for some of you .Nobody should know you at certain point and you should be ok.  You are in a process of building and what you are looking for is platfrom. There is time for all this, there is a time where people are supposed to respect you and there's a time nobody should respect you.

You are not ready for some battle , hide and prepare yourself . If you are ignorant of your timing, not knowing where you are you will die. When you miss your timmig you will be inappropriate for your own life. What you say becomes inappropriate for where you are.The biggest lesson you will ever learn is to follow God's plan for your life.  Some are in pursuit of people when we are supposed to be seeking for purpose. Some are too in a hurry seeking relationship . it is God that brings people together. There are people who God will send to you , they may be kind to you that does not mean you should be in a relationship with them.  

The reason some people chase others is because of loneliness. If you cannot face yourself , be by yourself there are critical conversation you cannot have with God. You must learn to embrace where you are. No lover in this world can help you overcome loneliness,it is a vacuum. You have to master the art of being still on the inside. 

Things to help you with timing 

Inner witness :Romans 7:22 paul said he desires after the lord in his inner man. acts 7:23. What makes your decision solid is the assurance you get from the inner witness. Don't let your life become too noisy to receive instructions. There are very few people in your life whose interest should matter to you ; God, your spouse and people who have invested in you like your family members. Don't be absent from your own life. 

Burdens : God is dropping heaviness in your heart, there's a stirring inside of you but some people's I dont care attitude has made them miss it. 

Prompting: Some of you might think you have missed your timing but God is saying so what, it doesn't matter. There's nothing outside the boundary of God. 

Take initiative: many people are in the place where they are supposed to take a step but they are unlookers probably because people have fixed them all themselves so they can't do things themselves. Some are adults now still thinking like children. Get up , you have God spirit inside of you so get up and do it. Where the will of God is known action is required. Many people know what to do but lack of initiative is not there . Don't say you will like to do this and that, get up and do it . 

Courage : Christianity is not for weaklings. Be bold,Just get up and go .Some say what if they fail, be bold. Courage is going forward even with expectation of opposition. Stop crying and be courageous.God desires that you go to him boldly 

The spirit of faith speaks and get what it says when it does not doubt in his heart. mark11:23. The emphasis is not in believers saying but in believing and not doubting in your heart. The word works for you so have no fear. Words are more powerful than action .words set action in motion, it igintes actions. Actions start from words. The tongue is so small but its the most powerful object in the body. 

Some of you have not sent anything in motion yet you are crying. The Bible said defeat the devil with words. The first thing the devil throws at you is words and we do not fail to defeat. Failing to defeat is a prove that we are already falling to words. 

Start speaking superior words!!! 

Don't speak casually!!!