The ministry of preaching the gospel


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There's a call that brings you salvation, it gives you the life of Christ . The second call commands you to spread the life of Christ . You don't know the word of God until you can teach it from an applicable form, this is why you must attend church services and submit yourself to training.Only with this training would you be ready for ministry and ministry is your calling not your choice.

The word of God is for doctrine ,a system of truth that influences your life . This is the system you practice in your life ,marriage, ,business etc . The word of God divides and tear into every area of your life .The bible is clear on how you should marry, how you should do business . 

The marriage between Jesus and the church is the model marriage . As a believer put yourself in a Bible teaching church that the pastor is bold to declare the word . jer1:8 

Gods word is not to please man . it is the counsel of God not the preference of the people . If you know why you came to church you won't be found doing certain things . Aways avail yourself for training and instruction. 

The training of your spirit is not 40 mins, the word of God does not have to rhyme to be powerful, it is already powerful.

One discipline every believer must have is to sit and hear the word of God . The more you are being taught the word of God the more you pay attention to your ministry. We must be faithful in the preaching of the gospel. 1cor 4:1 

The mark of faithfulness is that you take the gospel and preach it to others . you are responsible to preach the gospel to your friends , relatives , associates , neighbours. 

Are you adding to the family ? 

(1john 2:2 1tim 2:4 )

You are responsible for your F.r.a.n . God wants his house filled . The right teaching is not for yourself ,its for the equipping for others. It is for service,2tim2:8-10. Paul says he will endure everything so that more people will hear the gospel.

The power of preaching the gospel (1cor 1:18 rom1:16)

The gospel does not contain power ,it is power .When we preach we are making salvation available to people. If we do not preach there is no salvation . men come into the place of salvation when you preach the gospel . The gospel is communicated spirit to spirit . 

What do we preach (1cor 1:23 )

We preach Christ . The gospel being taught in a church must never be dictated by men . the message is the same . Jesus died and he resurrected. (1john4:16-17, gal2:20 )

Whatever God is telling you to do he is giving you the ability to do so . we are going public with Gods word . God is not a secret. Worshipping anything outside of Jesus is idolatry. The preaching of the gospel is all you need to believe and not signs. (1tim3:16 john1:14)The part of Mary involvement is not the part that bought salvation to life . We preach Christ crucified the son of God not christ the son of Mary ,the carpenter or the son of Joseph.The preaching of the gospel is the announcement of the promise and fulfilment of Christ. The blessing of God is the imputing of righteousness and it was made manifest in Christ and that is the gospel we preach . 

Are you preaching the gospel? 

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