Witness me pt4


Admin • Sunday 11th August 2019


Every manifestation of breakthrough outside the word of God is called magic.The power is in the word .The biggest miracle that will happen to a man is salvation and you receive it by the simplicity of the word. This means that you don't need to believe in an object but the word of God

You didn't deserve the blessing of God by the works you did but because of what Jesus did. Anytime you find yourself saying you deserve something because you are better than someone then you are believing in works.God will not reward you because of what you do but because of Jesus.(Psalm130:3 )

God is not a promise keeper he has fulfilled all his promise. It's' abnormal for a Christian to live a beggarly life. (2cor6:161,peter2:10 )

You are under the protectorate of God, you are his people this expells fear. You are Gods own don't ever be scared . God's word brings healing,if there is no speaking of faith there is no hearing of faith and faith cometh by the hearing of the word . 

Eye witnesses is not what is required to the preaching the gospel but the holy ghost in us (1cor 15:11 -22).Our faith is based on what we preach and we preach Christ who is risen .Christianity is about the resurrection of Jesus . (1cor 15:30-32 , Rom10:9)

If Christ only lived and did miracles without resurrecting Christianity would have been in vain . you would have not been made righteous(Romans4:25 , 6:4 )If Jesus had not risen  from the dead then we are not new creatures. As believers we are supposed to exercise the resurrection power daily. (Eph1:19-20 )

Your powerful Christian life is the exhibition of the power that raised Christ from the dead which is the holy spirit . There is no Christianity without moral uprightness but never make the mistake that it is your good life that will save people. no matter how well you live , your good life would not bring people unto salvation. What brings people to Christ is preaching of the gospel. 

A sinful life grips the holy ghost in you , and if the holy ghost is not in you, you can't exercise the power. No matter how morally upright you are ,the best you can do is inspire people but when it comes to salvation of souls only the gospel can do that . (Romans 10 :14 )

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