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Admin • Friday 30th August 2019


Teacher: Dr. Dotun Reju 

Texts: Ezekiel 43:1

It's a thing of prospect when you know you and begin to walk in you. Do you know who you are? Have you come to know your identity in Christ. 

This is Salt city, Salt does not need anything, everything needs salt. Salt is of no use by itself, it's only useful when it's applied. Salt reveals, It never gets lost. You are the salt of the earth. The world needs your saltiness for you are not useful on your own unless applied.

Where are you on your journey? If you don't know where you are,  you won't know where you are heading to. As believers, we are on a journey. 

The bible describes a believer as a Soldier, an Athlete, and a Farmer. Soldiers are people who die every day, they give their all to the job. Athletes are people who live with a high degree of self-denial and farmers are the ones who know how to defer gratification. 

Actions are only right when carried out in the right season of life. If you don't know the time, you may not know what to do. Your understanding of the time is your connection to eternity. Everywhere salt goes it affects everything. It's time to start affecting policies in the world and not allow the world to control everything. 

where you are is that where God is? You must get to a place where you so know God, What is the alignment between church and the world today? we are sent to the world. The church is supposed to be building narratives. When the world wants to know how to do things they should look to the church. The best businesses should be run by the church. The world is not going to believe what you say but by your lifestyle, are you living right?

Believers don't lose in life when you loose ask questions. You can't be a Holy Ghost filled and be poor. (Acts2:40,Act1:8).  If you truly have the Holy Spirit, you will work hard. People should always call you when there's a problem because you are a problem solver. 

When you read the bible don't look for what to do but look for who to become. The bible is the Word of God through the pen of men. Your call is to do something that has never been done before, it is to fulfill prophecy. Don't look for answers, you are the answer. Don't look for a miracle, you are the miracle. 

What is forward? Exodus 14:14, Where is forward? how do you know if you have gotten there? Many times if you don't know what you have, you will be looking for it. 

The primary purpose of God saving you is not to take you to heaven. God wants to come to earth through you. When you walk the earth and people are looking for Jesus, tell them you are Jesus. They shouldn't look further, you are co-heir with Christ. 

Forward is attaining the measure of the fullness of Christ, it is not a place but a state of being. What we should be looking out for is what separated Jesus from other people. What separated Jesus from others is that he resurrected and pioneered new people. 

If anything is wrong with the world, Christians should take responsibility.

Scripture reference (John 1:38 ,Genesis 33,Ezekiel 43: 10, 2kings3:15, Psalm137: :4)

Get the audio message of " The mine -Go forward" on our sermon page. 

The mine- GO FORWARD is our annual faith conference. We had the teaching ministry of Dr. Dotun Reju, Pst. Orhornor Abeke and Pst. Tobore Adakaraza.