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Admin • Tuesday 27th August 2019


Father in Jesus name, I pray, believe and confess that (husband's name) does not walk or live in the counsel of the ungodly, no wrong advice enters into the space of his life but he fulfills your plans and purpose for his life and that of his family. (Husband's name) doesn't stand submissive in the path where sinners walk nor sits down where the scornful and wasters gather.

My husband delights is in your word and on this word he habitually meditates day and night hearing your instructions and obeying them. He is like a tree planted and tended by the streams of water, such that he brings forth new fruit seasonally and the leaf of his life never withers nor does it ever fade regardless of how the economic environment changes buoy always grant him wisdom that surpasses the challenges of the environment. I thank you father that (husband's name) loves me, he is affectionate and kind with me.

I believe in the Holy Spirit's power within him who makes him sensitive and easy to forgive, removing all bitterness from his life. He love me as his own body. I praise you that our fountain of human life is blessed with rewards of fidelity, he rejoices over me. I am as the loving hind and pleasant doe (tender, gentle and attractive). My embrace satisfies (husband's name) at all times and he is always transported with delight in my love. I rejoice, father that your word is working in our marriage, an outsider will never infatuate him nor will he embrace the bosom of another. Discretion watches over him and understanding keeps him in the path of life. So be it. Scripture References Psalm 1:1-3, Eph 5:28, Col 3:18- 19 and Prov 5:15-20

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