LIFE PARTNER for ladies only


Admin • Tuesday 27th August 2019


As you have said Isa 34:16; Not one of these shall be missing; none shall be without her mate. For the mouth of the Lord has commanded, and his Spirit has gathered them. I declare that I shall not lack my mate. The steps of my partner is ordered into my live. Any covering hanging over me be removed and as Esther found favour, I will find favour with the one God has ordained for me. I am a good thing to be found. I am found. (Prov 18:22)

My steps are ordered by the Lord, I walk into the path of my partner (Psalms 37:23) My spouse is a confident and graceful. We relate with each other intelligently and respectfully. We act wisely at all times seeking the best for the other person. Our steps are in synch with the Spirit and each other. We motivate each other to greater heights. I will not let any corrupt communication proceed out of my mouth, but only that which is good for edification. I am quick to listen and slow to speak. My speech is seasoned with salt. The bible is our standard always. God adds to us daily. We are habitual givers; enriching the world around with the grace. I smell good in the spirit

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