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Admin • Monday 20th January 2020


The word for the year is not just a title, it is GOD’s direction of what He GOD is doing for us, with us and through us all through 2020

So it’s 3 dimensional, in you; with you, and for you. 

There are people who this doesn’t mean anything to but for us it means a lot 

While time and season doesn’t exist in the heavenlies, the father puts man in a space confined with time

In Genesis, we see our father creating the lesser light and the greater light to mark time here and season here on the earth

Time and season must matter to GOD now wonder the Psalmist said ‘teach us to number our days’

Teach us to schedule our dispensation 

We are not just existing 

The world was given to us to happen to not that it happens to us

Things don’t happen to us

We happen to things

We are here to happen to 2020

2020 will experience us not the other way around

And certainly 2020 will experience a well planted man that is you

The word for the year is important because it sets a church on course and give the church strength and purpose in a season

The word for the year is important to a church because it’s sets the parameter which members of that church interface with GOD in that season

It means this is what you should expect. Below are the prophecies from the New Year’s Eve Service to be prophesied all year long.

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