Invest in eternity!

Join us as we expand the kingdom of heaven here on earth. Looking back on the endowment of God’s goodness in our journey so far, we can only cry ‘what’s next papa?’ We also look forward with anticipation to what He is doing next.

Partnership is a convenant.

We believe generosity is a form of worship. We love to display our gratitude and devotion to God through tithes and offerings from the blessings God has placed in our hands. Your financial gift to this vision is vehicle for the spread of the gospel round the world. Give Today!

The Salt Tribe

God Gives his vision to one man but all through the scripture, we see that he always sends partners to that one one man. He made this visible in the life of Jesus, Peter, and Paul. The Vision of the Salt Tribe is expressed through various platforms

Church Minstry planting

Media Outreach

Conferences and Crusades

Campus Missions

Cyber Missions

Worship Company

Current Project

Cuurently, we are working on the following

Roof Reconstruction (urgent) - ₦480,000

Two 50 inches Television for projection

2 Laptops for Sermon Recording and Projection

Radio Broadcast - ₦300,000 Quarterly